Oxidized copper effect decorative finish



A unique style for connoisseurs of high interior decoration to propose avant-garde solutions destined to create trends. Using the OXIDCAP system made up of primer, activator and finish, an infinite number of oxidation effects can be obtained, for surfaces with an increasingly sophisticated taste.

Concrete Cap
Decorative concrete effect finish - internal/external, anti-mould, anti-algae


CONCRETE CAP is a decorative anti-mould, anti-algae acryl-siloxane coating which allows to obtain surfaces with a strong character of solidity and safety typical of "exposed" concrete.

Its composition ensures a high surface hardness, good breathability and rainwater repellency and excellent resistance to mould.

For an intriguing and suggestive urban style atmosphere, the concrete effect decorative coating is the piece of furniture that better than others emphasizes environments with an industrial and metropolitan style. The effects obtainable with Concrete Cap reproduce the essence of the material itself, to embellish the walls with charm and elegance, in perfect harmony with the purest design.

Decorative wax


Ceracap is a water-based decorative wax, simple and quick to apply, which allows you to embellish and protect the decorative itself. In the gold and silver versions, it enriches the effect of the decorative finishes giving pleasant pearlescent reflections.

Matt spatulated metallic effect finish


Decorative finish for interiors that gives a soft and textured effect to the touch. It is suitable for decorating rooms where you want to recreate a pleasant pearlescent effect with a matt appearance, enriched with chiaroscuro.

Iridescent effect paint


Water-based paint for interiors with an iridescent effect due to the presence of special pigments which create a changeable and pleasant play of light and reflected colors which changes as the point of observation and the angle of incidence of the light beam vary.

Shiny metallic effect finish

Decorative paint with a silky effect that creates a sensation of shiny naturalness in the environment. Iridescent reflections of a finely metallic and material appearance give life to a scenography with changing facets, to give spaces an exclusive look.

Lime-based decorative coating with marmorino effect


Mineral wall coating for interiors and exteriors based on aerial lime, easily applicable. Given its high alkalinity, it has greater resistance to mold than common interior paints and is suitable for finishing dehumidifying systems. The high filling capacity makes it possible to create a compact and antiquing finish, characterized by different nuances and chromatic effects. Colors as per specific folder. Product that can be tinted with the AC16 tinting system.

Travertine-effect lime-based decorative coating


Travertine is a paste wall covering for exteriors and interiors, based on a mineral binder, which allows to obtain a finish very similar to that of the ancient plasters present in buildings in Venice. It combines low impermeability to water with excellent diffusion of water vapour. Colors as per specific folder. Product that can be tinted with the AC16 tinting system.

Matt glazing effect finish


KALAHARI is a semi-covering opaque finish suitable for obtaining particular "glazing" decorations. The many possible colors and application techniques allow to obtain exclusive chromatic effects and infinite variety of interaction with the background colour.

Slaked lime


Mineral wall coating based on aerial lime, easily applicable, with rapid drying times. It features high water vapor diffusion to ensure dry walls and avoid condensation in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is easily polishable and generates a compact finish. Colors as per specific folder. Product that can be tinted with the AC16 tinting system.

Microlite Concrete Flooring
Decorative Concrete Floor Coating System


MICROLITE Concrete Flooring is a decorative and protective system for continuous surfaces, which could be applied to floor, walls and ceiling.  Microlite is a single-component decorative coating for interiors, which is suitable for creating colored finishes on floors without joints, with a matte spatula effect. It can also be applied vertically, ideal for obtaining a continuous floor-wall-ceiling monolithic effect.

Microlite is used to create prestigious surfaces, in new or in the renovation of old structures. It can be laid both horizontally and vertically on substrates treated with Microlite 500 (adhesion primer for walls and floors). It is available in Gloss, Semi-gloss and Matte versions.

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